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Think the high cost of web design is a joke?

Wait until I tell you the punchline...

"The whole process can take less than a week!"

That's no joke. A skilled and experienced design shop, like Skart Designs, working with photographs, copy and whatever other elements you supply, should be able to have a uniquely creative, effective and interactive web site up and running in less than a week.

And anyone that tells you otherwise has more of a focus on your wallet than on your project.

Starting from square one?
We offer:
  • Graphic/Logo Design
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Training
  • PC Support
  • And when things really go wrong
    Windows file recovery

"I'm not talking 'cheap and fast.' I'm talking 'custom and inexpensive'."

As you know in your business, as in any, people with long experience and a love of their craft can find solutions faster. They know what works and what doesn't. So instead of spending valuable time figuring out the basics, I can spend more time doing the job in the best possible way, and within budget, right from the get-go.

"I'm also talking English, with a Business accent."

I'll talk you in under-standable English. Not a bunch of "computer-eze" designed simply to make your web project sound like a NASA launch, and with a bill to match.

Most importantly, my solutions are based on much more than an in-depth knowledge of the latest web technologies and their applications. They come from years of business experience that allow me to understand your marketing goals and dip into my full technology and design tool-box to achieve them.

It's kind of like driving: Knowing how to "double-clutch" and "down- shift" is one thing. Knowing how to get where you're going is what makes it all worthwhile.

"Because neither your business nor your website is a playground."

If you're ready to get serious about reaching the full potential of a meaningful, profit-oriented web presence, give me a call. After a short conversation, we can establish a budget you can live with, and a website strategy you can grow with.

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